Only a few hours left

I’m sorry that I have really fallen off the blogging ¬†wagon. I promise that I have been making lots of memories and have tons of stories to tell, but right now I just can’t tear myself away from the children to sit in front of my computer. I am leaving India in 36 hours and while I can’t wait to go home, I am utterly heartbroken.

Its a difficult thing to describe, but somehow its so hard to understand that on the other side of the world, my American life is still happening without me. It seems unimaginable that I am leaving this strange, fascinating and amazing place that has completely consumed and redefined my whole sense of self these last several months. And that when I go home, this will all still be here. Madam will still see patients. The children will still play “sky blue.” Sunita will still cook everyone carrot curry.

I have no idea how I am going to say goodbye to the friends who  have become like family and to the 30 children who have brought so much perspective, joy and love into my life.

Pray for me. I can’t wait to see all of you so, so soon.